Manager Participation & Expecations

Open Manager Spots

Our league is limited to 10 players. This is only changed with a vote among current players. All current managers retain their spots for the next year. If they choose to drop out of the league, their spot is opened up to the first available person on the waiting list. (See The Draft below for more on this). The waiting list is maintained by the Commissioner so if you know anyone who would like to join our league please contact the Commissioner. He notifies the next available manager should a spot open up.

Participation Expectations

By signing up to play in this league you agree to manage your team at least once a week.

The Draft

The Draft order is determined by the reverse order of the previous year’s final playoff standings for teams that finish 1–6. Teams finishing 7–10 in the regular season retain that reverse draft order. The consolation bracket has no effect on the following year’s draft order. 1

New Managers & The Draft

New managers (defined as rookies or managers who return after hiatus) assume the draft position, roster and any draft pick trades of the departing managers. In the case of two or more new managers, the first manager to join receives the highest first round vacancy, the second manager receives the second highest vacancy, and so on.

If there is a tie in the final standings, thus creating a tie in next year’s draft order, the tie breaker for draft position is determined by trophy points. If the teams have the same number of trophy points, the tie is broken by the commissioner choosing one of the two teams and flipping a coin.

Scheduling the Draft

The draft is held on the last Friday in August unless that Friday falls after the start of the season, at which point the draft is held on the third Friday in August.


Each team has the option of keeping one players at the end of each season. The keeper deadline is two weeks before the draft. Players are kept once, therefore keeping them on the same team no more than two consecutive seasons. All unkept players enter the draft pool and may be drafted by any team, including the team that did not keep them.  Failure to send in a pick results in no keeper choice and, instead, a pick in Round 1.

Your first kept player is considered the Round 1 draft pick.

Keeper Rule Reasoning

The goal behind the current keeper rule is twofold. 1) It moves along a lengthy draft by completing one round before the live draft. 2) It helps put all players – novice, intermediate and expert – on the same level. The first round allows for an optional keeper. Therefore, if a team has no keeper-worthy players, the chances for high-level players in the first round is increased because a manager can choose to draft a player, instead, and can take his time doing so.

Rule, Team & Other Changes

There are no mid-season changes, whether they be rules suggested by managers or team name modifications. Team names are locked at the keeper deadline. The Commish reserves the right to very minor rule changes at any time so long as they fit the mission of the league. Other changes are discussed in the off-season and voted by the league before the keeper deadline. It is the responsibility of managers to read all rules here and on the league page.


Approval or Disapproval
There are no public trade protests or approvals. Instead, all members of our league monitor trades and, if collusion (cheating) is suspected, they notify the Commissioner. The Commissioner then meets with several league members to discuss disciplinary actions to be taken on the teams involved in the cheating. In other words, most trades go through regardless of how bad or good they are.

Injured Players
If a player is placed on the IR after a trade is accepted, it is up to the trading managers to work out a deal. This is the only way a trade can be cancelled after acceptance and the commissioner must be notified of the new arrangements before the approval period expires. However, the team trading away the now injured player is under no obligation to offer to cancel the trade.


We won’t tolerate cheating. Collusion, or cheating, involves trades or free agent drops and acquisitions or any other actions where one manager deliberately takes advantage of another manager, or works with another manager to create a “super team” or otherwise team up against another. Even conversations between two teams on what needs to be done to defeat another team is considered cheating. Collusion also includes obvious violation of Yahoo Fantasy Sports rules on a consistent and/or manipulative basis. Such actions will not be tolerated by our league, for obvious reasons, and such actions will result in punishment from the league.

Other Rules

Any other rules are displayed on the Yahoo Fantasy Football league page (stat categories, positions, etc).


1 – 2019 Clarifications & Rule Updates